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Anders Lehmann


Dr. Lehmann is a co-founder of WaterWebTools. He is responsible for the design and development of the global, scalable forecast backend. This work encompasses harvesting global climate data and weather forecasts, scheduled execution of models, retrieving, storing, and exposing results through data APIs. Furthermore, Dr. Lehmann contributes to product development and product management.

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Throughout his career, Dr. Lehmann has always been driven by the vision behind a product or a company. As an educator, Dr. Lehmann continually update the curriculum to the needs of the industry including modern Software Engineering, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. Dr. Lehmann has done cutting-edge research in the intersection of computer science, mobile data acquisition, and transportation research during his Ph.D., where he developed a practical congestion model for large cities such as Istanbul, Turkey. When he was working as a consultant at Vestas Wind Turbines, the vision was to participate in the creation of sustainable energy. At an Artificial Intelligence startup, and as the lead specialist in Artificial Intelligence, the work was driven by the idea to apply Artificial Intelligence to medicine and communication networks. As the lead Semantic Web developer in the EU funded research project PyPy, Dr. Lehmann explored the boundaries and synergies of different programming language approaches. At Bang & Olufsen, where Dr. Lehmann was lead specialist in digital systems where he helped ensure every product was born from an idea which decided the design and function of the product.


Dr. Lehmann is an Associate Professor at Aarhus University, and holds a MSc. degree in Electronic Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Aarhus University. Dr. Lehmann has held multiple lectures at conferences in Europe, South Korea and Australia. Dr. Lehmann has participated in several research projects funded by EU. Since 1996 Dr. Lehmann has cooperated with the Danish artist Christian Skeel on various works of art.

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