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The Team

Our Company

WaterWebTools has many years of experience building and applying advanced computer models and tools to understand the physical, chemical, and biological processes occurring in freshwater systems, and how human activities and climate change are affecting these progressions.

Established by a highly specialized team from Aarhus University in Denmark, WaterWebTools is comprised of researchers ranked number one in the world in water quality and hydrological forecast modeling. 
WaterWebTools serves global private and public sector clients seeking to manage and protect surface waters from flooding, water quality, and drought challenges.

Our Expertise

We develop advanced online digital tools via our WaterWebTools Platform to enable visualizations and interactions with state-of-the-art model-based forecasts and real-time sensor data for water resources planning and operations. Our trusted partners at WaterITech offers onboarding for all the model solutions supported by the WaterWebTools Platform 

Dennis Trolle

Founder & CEO

Dr. Trolle is the CEO of WaterWebTools and WaterITech and a Founding Member. He is responsible for leading the development and execution of long-term strategies, with the goal of increasing the impact and outreach of WaterWebTools solutions. Dr. Trolle manages the firm’s investor and client relations, high-level R&D decisions, and company marketing.  |  +45 93 93 73 79

Anders Lehmann


Dr. Lehmann is a co-founder of WaterWebTools. He is responsible for the design and development of the global, scalable forecast backend. This work encompasses harvesting global climate data and weather forecasts, scheduled execution of models, retrieving, storing, and exposing results through data APIs. Furthermore, Dr. Lehmann contributes to product development and product management.  |  +45 21 29 84 41

Christopher Nielsen


Mr. Nielsen is a Founding Member of WaterWebTools. He is the designer and lead developer of the ASAP platform (frontend), mobile app, and the ASAP Live solution, with the highly scalable and flexible backend for parsing, processing, storing, and exposing the data from devices and systems distributed all around the world.  |  +45 21 56 61 48

Anders Nielsen


Dr. Anders Nielsen is one of the founding members of WaterWebTools. He is responsible for seeding development concepts prior to implementation, while co-managing execution of long-term strategies. Moreover, he is involved in IoT-initiatives from ideation to actual implementation as a field engineer.  |  +45 93 50 82 32
Megan Armstrong headshot_edited.jpg

Megan Armstrong


Ms. Armstrong is an intern at the WaterWebTools team where she focuses on project research, business development analysis, and marketing and branding for the company’s global water forecasting solutions.

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