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Christopher Nielsen


Mr. Nielsen is a Founding Member of WaterWebTools. He is the designer and lead developer of the ASAP platform (frontend), mobile app, and the ASAP Live solution, with the highly scalable and flexible backend for parsing, processing, storing, and exposing the data from devices and systems distributed all around the world. 

  • LinkedIn Social Ikon  |  +45 21 56 61 48


Despite his young age, Mr. Nielsen has already led the development of graphical user-interfaces in large international projects, including the MERLIN project granted through the largest research call ever funded by the European Union, comprising $25M and 44 partners across Europe. Due to his reputable skills in making intuitive interfaces, as proven by the WaterWebTools solutions, Mr. Nielsen was recruited to lead the development of the MERLIN project’s main web app, intended for showcasing and interacting with key project outcomes, including a range of restoration scenarios for freshwater systems. Throughout his career, he has also worked for large companies such as ABB, FLSchmidth, Andel, Rockwool and others with data visualization, Internet of Things, industrial automation, and content management systems.

Mr. Nielsen believes data is playing and will continue to play a critical role in successful digital water resources tools. He is focused on enhancing data collecting and data analysis processes – believing that the ability to integrate and work with third-party products is a key aspect in providing high-level experience and customer service for clients. Currently, Mr. Nielsen is working on his M.Sc. in Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark and holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. 

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